The domain and website that utilize the address ballparkconstruction.com or www.ballparkconstruction.com are owned by Gregory Woodruff & Cloud Certified Support, Inc.. The domain was purchased in 2002 for the sole purpose of posting images taken during the construction of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

I have held onto these images for the past 17 years and they really need to be shared with everyone. The shutdown of so many precious activities around the world that revolve around sports has given me the extra desire and time to make this happen. I have approximately 5,000 images taken on around 150 unique days between Dec-2003 and April-2006. Everything should be uploaded before summer ends.

You may wonder why would it take so long. I am planning on doing this in such a way as to hopefully inspire the high school kids, who may be wondering what their future might be like, to consider life as a skilled tradesperson. This is what I did between the ages of 19-22 up until I injured myself on a weekend Mississippi River mishap. I went through the Carpenters Apprenticeship and not a day goes by where I don’t miss it.

It’s also got everything to do with reminiscing about the old stadium being gone, the players past and present, my personal friends that are gone but not forgotten, and most importantly the fact that projects of this sort can’t happen unless both political parties and the private sector can put silly shit aside for the betterment of a metropolitan area. The new stadium opened in 2006 but this was only Phase I. Phase II has been planned and implemented over the past 14 years leading to the opening of the 29-story One Cardinal Way residential high-rise just this past weekend. Capitalism. Progress. Paychecks.

In summary, the Cardinal fans live all over the world. I wish these fans good health and prosperity. Take a day every now and then to look at all these darn images and hopefully you be inspired to think of friends, family, loved ones and you might even walk away with a smile.