Down Goes MLB in 2020

The year of 2020 sure has been a bummer for sports fans worldwide. For me personally, well I reside in St. Louis, Missouri in the US so we have a MLB team with numerous World Series titles and we have a NHL team that is the reigning Stanley Cup champion. We will soon have a MLS team but they won’t hit the pitch for a couple years.

Thankfully my choice of preferred viewing when my local versions of the Reds or the Blues aren’t playing, are the best footballers in Europe. So my team Liverpool won in the Premier League, their first PL crown, and I have Serie A, La Liga and Ligue I to watch. This has left a void so I decided I would publish the thousands of images I took between 2003 -2006 as they built a new MLB home and then tore down the old one that was part of my life for close to 40 years.

I personally drove to the construction site from my condo over 150 times out of close to 1200 days of construction. Twenty miles there, twenty miles back with a one hour stop to have film developed and batched to a CD. I still have all the original film but I chose the CD option without prints for the quickest website-ready images from a resolution perspective.

I really hope to get the high school age kids that are thinking of being a skilled tradesperson interested or excited as I publish the images. Maybe even the future engineers and architects will appreciate the gravity of the transformation of so many city blocks. Probably not because they know bloody everything since their 8th month in the womb. Only kidding guys. Settle down.